The vision of the Elmore-Ada Water Project (the “Water Project”) is to identify water resources before growth is initiated, demonstrating that planning responsibly for future water needs is not only possible, but is in the best interest of all citizens throughout Southwestern Idaho.

The first phase of the Water Project was successfully completed in September 2008 with findings that a sustainable water source for the area is feasible from a technical, financial, legal, political, environmental and hydrologic perspective.

Phase 2 of the Water Project commenced in October 2008. At this stage of the project, stakeholders are meeting with potential investors and working on alternative financial models. Additional tasks included in Phase 2 will include: applying for and obtaining water rights; identifying preferred and alternative locations for pipelines, water intakes, water treatment facilities, and water storage; as well as the completion of an environmental impact study.

As Phase 2 concludes, Phase 3 will consist of Final Design; Construction will commence in Phase 4; and Phase 5 reflects the ongoing water sourcing, treatment, delivery and operation of the Water Project.