The Elmore-Ada Water Project, LLC (the “Company”) was formed in August 2007 to evaluate water supply and delivery opportunities to specific areas of Elmore and Ada counties. The objective coincides with an overarching goal of enabling the state of Idaho to keep its water resources in the state.

Through an already-completed fourteen month feasibility study the Company determined that the Elmore-Ada Water Project  is feasible.
The Phase 1 Final Report recommended that the Water Project proceed forward in successive phases, with the current phase (Phase 2) focused on compiling an asset portfolio consisting of water rights, combined with preliminary  design-engineering work and financial model planning.

The consecutive phases recommended in the Phase 1 Final Report are planned as indicated below:

Phase 1: Feasibility Study (completed September 2008)
Phase 2: Planning and Permitting (began October 2008, currently underway)
Phase 3: Final Design
Phase 4: Construction
Phase 5: Operations