The Elmore-Ada Water Project is inviting other land owners and water users in the study area to participate in the feasibility study. Below are the benefits available to study participants:

  • Participants enjoy exclusive use of the feasibility study research and recommendations for the benefit of the participants’ property, including governmental approvals, strategic planning, and marketing.
  • Participants will possess unique knowledge of water issues and solutions based on an independent study performed by technical experts.
  • Recommended solutions to benefit the designated areas of the participants
  • Participants can shape the direction of the feasibility study and the next stages of the project, including a possible application and ownership of water rights, and a future operating entity, through the project Oversight Committee.
  • Participants’ cost is based on a proportionate share rather than bearing the full cost of a feasibility study.

If you are interested to learn more about the project or become a participant, please contact Cathy Cooper or Eric Landsberg at SPF Water Engineering at the phone number below or via the Contact Us page.